The world I live in today is filled with the most amazing secrets. Personal secrets that cannot be told, those little thoughts that shape your personality and intimacy. Every secret have reason, every reason have shape, influence and interaction. My goal is to recognize each of them with the respect that they deserve. Bringing them to light in full color, making them touchable and visible, I get better understanding of individuals, their apprehension and shame, their desire and potential.

While working on a painting over weeks, sometimes months, I found that acrylic on canvas give me the best opportunity to quickly catch my thoughts. Starting with real world and images I continue to explore with symbols and colors emphasizing my impression. The finished work may not resemble the original idea but I always get to know something new during this enjoyable process.

In the latest series of paintings I am playing with women’s emotions, her fears and wishes developing relations with other people. When people see my work, I’d like them to feel my thoughts and get chance to agree or not with me, but in any way to think about motives that every woman has developing emotional contact with close persons. Often erotic, my paintings undress passion and raw structure of such moments. Furthermore, my paintings put viewer in recognizable composition making possible to identify himself with the model.

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